Microsoft allowed visitors at the Milan Expo 2015 to experience the Grocery Store of the Future


Microsoft allowed visitors to the Future Food District experience the Grocery Store of the Future at the Milan Expo 2015. The shop included 200 Kinect for Xbox One sensors near the 1,500 product displays. When the shoppers came near to the Kinect sensor, the sensor detected their presence and displayed more information about a product at the display overhead.

You go to a large grocery store to buy some Fuji apples. The signs tell you which are organic and which aren’t, but that (and the price per weight) is about all the information you’ll get. Now imagine a shopping scenario where you could learn much more about those apples: the orchard where they were grown, what chemicals they were treated with, how long ago they were picked, where they were warehoused, and more. And imagine you could learn all this just by pointing your finger at the fruit.

This is indeed a very nice way to show off how technologies like Kinect can help in our daily lives. I personally don’t think it’ll be much longer until we see futuristic shops like this. What do you think? Discuss in the comment section below!

Source: Microsoft