Microsoft Advertising Launches A Philanthropic Multinational Multi-screen Campaign, Space For Giants


Microsoft’s Global Creative Solutions has created some of the largest global advertising campaigns driven across Microsoft’s products and platforms which ranges from MSN to Xbox, and Skype. Recently, they had an opportunity to work with a non-profit that works to save African Elephants.

This opportunity presented itself with horns, hooves and trunks firmly attached!  The African elephant is the fascinating and fragile symbol of the continent’s wildlife;  the largest mammal on Earth, weighing up to 6350 Kg and unique in many ways such as being one of the only creatures other than man known to show empathy and retain musical melodies.

And yet, over 100 elephants are killed daily and the estimated 400,000 elephants that remain in sub-Saharan Africa are at a real risk of extinction within 10 years.

Space For Giants, organises front-line anti-poaching teams, works to reduce the demand for ivory through government lobbying and education and in Laikipia, Kenya, the charity is developing a conservation strategy for the area’s 7,000 elephants that also involves the local people. This take on conservation is the first of its kind in East Africa, and Space for Giants seeks to transform it into a model for sustainable conservation across the continent.

Microsoft Global Creative Solutions team worked with Space for Giants organisation to create a multi-screen campaign that ran across all the screens.

The Microsoft Global Creative Solutions team created an interactive educational microsite in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain to raise international awareness by exposing some wonderful anecdotes about elephants and documenting the current threat to their survival. On the site, users can discover the typical daily journey of an elephant through the stories of six magnificent creatures that are protected by Space For Giants in real life in the Laikipia region. As users join these elephants for their daily walk of 60 kilometres, they can also read more about their habitat and threats, exposing the plight that these elephants face as an endangered species.

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