Microsoft Adds New Search Wave Feature To Its Bing Elections Experience



Bing Search Wave

Microsoft today added a new Bing Elections experience feature called Search Wave. Search Wave will allow you to take a deep dive into search volume for each election candidate. Search Wave is powered by Bing Predicts and it breaks down candidate searches by state, age and gender so giving a unique view at how the candidates are stacking up.

Search Wave uses anonymized and aggregate data and does not obtain or use any personal information in its reports. Search Wave measures volume, not sentiment, which means that being controversial or provocative—which may result in an increased search volume—counts as much as being popular.

Try Search Wave on Bing yourself. This new experience joins Bing’s other interactive tools including the Bing Political Index (BPI), Election Timeline, and Primary Results experience, to give you a comprehensive look at the 2016 US presidential election race.

Microsoft is also announcing their Super Tuesday predictions. Microsoft Bing is using their machine-learned predictive models use data from polls, prediction markets, and anonymized and aggregated search-engine queries plus social-media posts to predict the winners of the Republican and Democratic nominations in each state.

Bing predicts Donald Trump to win almost all the Republican primaries and caucuses held on March 1. The one exception is Texas, as Ted Cruz is expected to win his home state.

The outlook for the Democratic race is somewhat similar:  Hillary Clinton is predicted to win 10 out of 11 states, the exception being Vermont—Sanders’s home state—which he is expected to win.

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