Last week, Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 19592 with a new tablet experience and more. Unfortunately, the company won’t be seeding an update this week due to a flight-blocking bug but has updated the Build 19592 page with four new known issues.

Windows 10 Build 19592 already had a lot of known issues and now Microsoft has added the following issues to the list:

  • [ADDED 4/2] We’re investigating reports that app icons in the taskbar are having rendering issues, including defaulting to the .exe icon.
  • [ADDED 4/2] We’re investigating reports that the battery icon on the lock screen always shows close to empty, regardless of actual battery levels.
  • [ADDED 4/2] We’re looking into reports of IIS configuration being set to default after taking a new build. You will need to back up your IIS configuration and restore it after the new build is installed successfully.
  • [ADDED 4/2] We’re working on a fix for an issue causing webcams to not function correctly when attempting to make a video call in Microsoft Teams. The webcam should be unaffected when using Microsoft Teams via the browser.

Microsoft has not revealed any other information about the newly added known issues but the company is investigating so we could expect a fix in the future Fast Ring builds. In the meantime, if you don’t want to deal with bugs then you should consider switching to Slow Ring or Release Preview to get more stable and polished builds.