Microsoft acquires Flipgrid to bring video-based social learning to everyone



Microsoft today announced the acquisition of Flipgrid to bring the power of video-based social learning to everyone.
Flipgrid is now used by millions of students, educators, and families in over 180 countries.

Flipgrid is where your students go to share ideas and learn together. It’s where students amplify and feel amplified. It’s video the way students use video. Short. Authentic. And fun!

Microsoft is also making the Flipgrid service free for all educators and students, and also offering prorated refunds to users who has purchased a subscription from Flipgrid in the last year. Here are the details on processing prorated refunds:

  • Purchases via – If you made a purchase with a credit card through, we will initiate a prorated refund to the same card. An updated receipt will be sent to your email!
  • Purchases via – If you or your school used a Purchase Order, ACH, check, or credit card, we will send a check with the prorated refund. Please look for an email from to confirm your details and mailing address!
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO announces Flipgrid joining the Microsoft family

Microsoft also mentioned that Flipgrid will continue to work great on Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, PCs, and Android devices. Learn more about this announcement here.

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