In order to protect the Microsoft accounts involved in US political campaigns, political committees, campaign tech vendors, and their staff, in 2018 Microsoft introduced a service called AccountGuard which offers additional security and threat monitoring. Microsoft is now expanding AccountGuard service to 31 countries.

AccountGuard Eligible Countries

AccountGuard is now available in:

AccountGuard service offers the following:

  • Best practices and security guidance specific to those in the political space.
  • Access to cybersecurity webinars and workshops.
  • Notification in the event of a verifiable threat or compromise by a known nation-state actor against the participant’s O365 account.
  • Notification to both the organization and, where possible, the impacted individual if a registered or account associated with the organization is verifiably threatened or compromised by a known nation-state actor.
  • Recommendations to the participating organization for remediation if a compromise is confirmed.
  • Enhanced identity protection features including Azure Active Directory P2 trial licenses and Yubico security keys.
  • A direct line to Microsoft’s Defending Democracy Program team.

Yubico Security Key AcountGuard partnership

Microsoft is also partnering with Yubico to provide as many as 25,000 phishing-resistant hardware security keys to AccountGuard customers. As of today, all existing and new Microsoft AccountGuard customers will have access to a limited number of free YubiKeys, depending on the organization size, to be used on compatible computers and mobile devices.

Learn more about this program at Microsoft here.

via Neowin