Michael’s Math Zoo – Learn math the motivated way!


4, 2013

Michael's Math Zoo screens

Soluna Software just announced their first mobile game called Michael’s Math Zoo. The game is an educational app for kids. The app is about teaching kids math in a real motivated way.

“Some time ago my wife and I was looking for some good educational apps for our tablet. We found quite a few but nearly all of them only catches our kid’s attention for a short time. So I began to think about a way to fix this. How can I make an educational game that my kids will play again and again?” said Mikael Thomsen, CEO and founder of Soluna Software. “After some time I came up with a solution that really works! When my kids play my game they are like ‘Dad! Can I play some more’. They are actually trying to persuade me to allow them do math!”

In Michael’s Math Zoo, your kid is going to have a Zoo and by playing small fun math oriented games your kid will be able to expand the zoo. That generates motivation and the feeling of success. In other words; your kid will be really motivated to do math.

“I think this is a new way of learning” said Mikael, “It’s not about ‘hurrah, I got the math correct’. It’s more about having fun developing something (a Zoo!) and use math as the tool. The feeling of success and building up something is very motivating and I use that in Michael’s Math Zoo.”

App name: Michael’s Math Zoo
Platform: Windows Phone (a version for Android and iPhone are in progress)
Price: Free
Link: www.windowsphone.com

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