MeTweets updated to version 2.0

Screen1MeTweets, which I reviewed here, is in my opinion the best twitter client for Windows Phone. It is fast, fluid, responsive, but light and still feature rich.

Version 2.0 was just approved in the Windows Phone Store. I have already tested the beta and the latest update is really nice. It features some great new additions.

Here’s the changelog:

  • SmartSplit: No more 140 character limits!      No matter if you post a simple tweet, reply or if you send direct      messages. SmartSplit has got you covered. It’ll split your tweet into  multiple tweets, if you exceed the 140 characters limit. If said tweet was      addressed to one or more tweeps, SmartSplit will take care of that too. Each split tweet will contain every recipient.
  • SmartMerge: It doesn’t stop there, as   MeTweets will recognize previously split tweets, and will merge them into   one again! You will not see the (1/2), (2/2) indicators and you will not      have to search for the next part of a tweet yourself.
  • Windows Phone 8: Voice commands and   tweeting by voice. You really only have to talk to post a tweet! (English US and UK only)
  • Inline images? Nice, but inline media is  just that extra bit. MeTweets now also shows an image preview of YouTube      videos. But it’s not just that, just like we have the in-app image viewer,  there is also an in-app YouTube player.
  • Do you often read articles? Nothing is more  frustrating than having to leave the app to read an article on websites      cluttered with advertisements. MeTweets now has an in-app Readability  view. You can tap the option to “open in readability” and  MeTweets will use the Readability service to get only the article, not the  clutter around it.
  • A normal refresh button? It works, but we  thought pull to refresh was easier.
  • Links to an app in the Windows Phone Store will now no longer open your Internet Explorer browser, but will      immediately launch the Store and show the details of the app.
  • Image search: You can now search Twitter for images, without seeing the tweets.
  • Automatic spam filter: MeTweets will detect      mentions that only contain a URL from people you don’t follow as spam. This mention will automatically      be removed from your timeline.
  • Added inline image support for SkyDrive
  • In-app toast notifications. You will now  never again miss a mention or message because the notification didn’t show      while you was using the app.
  • New  design for timelines
  • New design for the profile page
  • Indicator   for unread tweets
  • The number of favourites will now be shown  in the tweet details
  • Performance improvements for requests to   Twitter.
  • Bug fixes: columns with a custom search or  user timeline will now no longer jump to the top randomly. Columns with a      custom search now also allow you to use the AND and OR keywords.

Especially the new speech feature works really well and is a unique feature which makes Windows Phone what it is. The update should be available for download soon.

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