MetroTube back in Marketplace, but having some difficulty with low-quality YouTube streams


MetroTube, the stylish Windows Phone YouTube client, has after a long absence re-appeared in Marketplace.

The app features:

  • Live, double sided tile notifications
  • Chameleon tiles that adapt to your phone theme
  • Share videos via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email
  • Quickly access and filter your subscriptions
  • Comment, reply and rate videos during playback
  • Find videos, playlists and authors effortlessly
  • Designed to be incredibly fun and easy to use
  • View author related content including detailed profile page, their favourite videos and playlists

imageThe premium version allows you to manage your playlists, pin secondary tiles to your start screen, listen to audio under the lock screen and stream videos in both HD and low quality.

Unfortunately due to a change by YouTube the client is having a problem streaming low-quality video, but the team promises an update to fix this soon.

The app is free and can be found in Marketplace here.