MetroPandora Codeplex repository pulled after DMCA claim by Pandora


4, 2014

Author Surur // in Apps, News


On the 1/1/14 popular music streaming app Pandora stopped being ad-free on Windows Phone, and it seems the company wanted to make sure Windows Phone users did not have any work-around available on the platform.

The company has sent a DMCA take down notice claiming MetroPandora was infringing on their copyright by using their API, which is a rather unusual claim given that it is well known that APIs can not be protected by copyright.

Nevertheless Justin Angel, the creator of the project which is the open foundation for a number of Windows Phone Pandora apps, will not be fighting the claim, which effectively means the end of the project and the associated app.

Fortunately we now do have an official Pandora app in the Windows Phone Store, but we nevertheless take this opportunity to thank Justin for his great contribution giving Windows Phone users access to essential services, an effort which remains important even now while important apps arrive on the platform daily.

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