MetroPack is a Cydia-like homebrew directory for Windows Phone 7 in the works



imageThere is not exactly a huge home brew community in Windows phone 7, likely because jailbreaking is a chore, but probably also because the benefits are not exactly clear.

ZeBond on XDA-Developers aim to give users a reason to developer-unlock their device by creating a repository for homebrew apps, so users will be able to find and install non-marketplace apps more easily.

The desktop app will not unlock handsets itself – users will either need official developer-unlocked handsets or find another way.

The app at present features:

  • Ability to deploy XAP packages to the connected device.
  • Ability to check linked repositories for updates. [in development]
  • Categorize repositories for easy navigation.
  • Provide a repository directory, where users can check existing repositories without the need to search for those.
  • Package search (from the client). [in development]
  • Featured packages (for promotional purposes).
  • Decentralized package storage – each package can be stored in a separate location, and as long as it is linked in the repository (with the correct URL), it can be downloaded.
  • Perform OS version checks before installation to ensure compatibility. [in development]

Read more about the app at XDA-Developers here.


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