Meta-review of the AT&T HTC Fuze

For a real review one need only read expert Windows Mobile sites like WMExperts , but sometimes it is interesting to see what outsiders think of our latest greatest devices.

CNet says:

The good:
The HTC Fuze for AT&T ships with Windows Mobile 6.1, push e-mail capabilities, and a good helping of multimedia features, including a 3.2 megapixel camera. Other highlights include a full QWERTY keyboard; VGA touch screen; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth: GPS; and HSDPA support.

The bad:
The HTC Fuze doesn’t have a standard headphone jack, and the smartphone is a bit bulky. Speakerphone quality isn’t the greatest and streaming video can cause the phone to stall. It’s also pricey.

The bottom line:
For AT&T business customers who demand the most out of their smartphones, the HTC Fuze is up to the task, delivering plenty of features, good performance, and a functional design.

… and gave the device a luke-warm 3 1/2 out of 5 starts.

PCWorld, via the Washington Post, said

The feature-rich HTC Fuze for AT&T is a stylish cell phone with a responsive touch screen and a gorgeous display. But the Fuze’s sluggish performance and average keyboard proved frustrating in our tests.

Overall the Fuze impresses with a gorgeous display and a variety of multimedia features, but HTC still has a few kinks to work out in the phone’s interface, performance-wise.

The BGR says:

We actually weren’t even going to do an unboxing / first impressions post. Seen one HTC Touch Pro, seen ‘em all, right? Wrong, guys. In a rare example of AT&T not scumming down their devices (adding crapware, horrible themes, removing features, blocking stuff), we think they’ve actually made the device better!
How about a short, short summary? The AT&T HTC Fuze is the best Windows Mobile Professional phone on the market.

So a rather mixed reception so far, but I say if the BoyGenius loves it, its got to be good. Major sites Engadget and Gizmodo still have to step up with a review, as does that rather awful New York Times columnist. We shall bring their views to you when they do.