Messenger (Beta) updated for Windows 10 Mobile with new Group Tab option

Facebook Messenger

An update to the Facebook Messenger (Beta) app is now available for download in the Windows 10 store. The app update is only being offered to Windows 10 Mobile users and not regular PC users on the beta.

The app adds the missing groups tab which is present in all iterations of the Facebook Messenger app with the curious exception of the Windows 10 app – at least up till now.

There are also three bug fixes of note, the app’s tab bar now scales properly on Windows 10 Mobile devices with a navigation bar (read: all of them), the notifications now feature profile images again,  and the app itself no longer bugs out text entry on high dpi devices.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 from the store link below.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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