Facebook Messenger (Beta) app for Windows 10 gets better web integration

by Surur
January 6, 2021

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Facebook’s Messenger Beta app for Windows 10 has received an update,  taking the app to version 860.1.119.0.

The update rolls out a useful new feature to all Beta users – improved web integration.

The new setting, which should now be widely rolling out, reads as follows:

Enable web-to-desktop app integrations

This setting improves the overall facebook.com experience when this application is running. This includes optionally disabling the new-message chime in the browser when the message is also received here.

This should prevent the annoying double notification when you have both your browser open and also the app and receive a message.

You can download the Messenger Beta app on your Windows 10 PC from the below link, or you can head over to Microsoft Store and search for the app.

Messenger (Beta)
Messenger (Beta)
Developer: Meta
Price: Free

via ALumia

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