Mehsplosion? Nerdsplosion!

Mood Projector has reached version 1.5 and is available in the Marketplace for $0.99 (with a free trial)! Mood Projector extends Rage-O-Meter to new emotions, with more coming in future updates. Mood Projector integrates with the Facebook Silverlight Mood Projector app.

Simply choose your emotion, set the level, edit the message (if desired), and then post it to Facebook, the Facebook Splosion Stream, or Twitter, or send it by email or SMS. Integrated browsers let you observe the Facebook Splosion Stream or the Twitter #splsn stream. It all lives in one convenient panorama.

Version 2.0 will feature logging and graphing. Watch your emotions evolve over time!

I am a novice developer who started at zero a little over a month ago. The wealth of available MS tools, tutorials, books, and websites have helped me learn a tremendous amount in a short time. To anyone out there who is thinking of taking the plunge, go for it! I would never have guessed a month ago that my apps would be downloaded over 1600 times by now!

Download Mood Projector from the Marketplace and start sploding today.