Mehdoh updated for WP7 and WP8


4, 2013

Popular twitter client Mehdoh has been updated to version 7.8 for WP7 and 8.8 for WP8.

The code bases of the two operating systems has now been merged, and the app now no longer needs a twitter account to function, working equally as well to stalk your friends on Soundcloud and Instagram.

The latest version featuresuntitled(3):

  • Re-enabled support for different themes in WP8
  • Popup menu on retweet button
  • SkyDrive images now uploaded to sub-folders
  • Better handling of marketplace links
  • Removed requirement for a Twitter account (can now just be used for Soundcloud or Instagram!)
  • WP7 version also contains updates from version 8.7

See the full changelog here.

If you did not managed to grab it in the short spell when it was free, the app is $0.99 with a free trial and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

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