Mehdoh Social Networking Client Updated With New Features For Windows Phone 8 Devices

Mehdoh social networking client for Windows Phone 8 devices just got updated to v8.9 with a long list of changes and new features. Check the list below.

Version 8.9:

+ Delete saved search (hold on search)

+ Support for #2InstaWithLove images (timeline+details screens)

+ Support for SkyDrive images in the timeline (Big thank you to @nilayshah80 for the help!)

+ Copy Tweet Link to clipboard on share menu

+ Filling gaps now keeps position at the oldest tweet

+ Larger timeline images

+ Resuming the app now also refreshes (WP8 only)

+ Re-written start up + tweetmarker syncronisation

+ Visual indicator for tweetmarker

+ Fix for pop ups when theme has been changed

+ Fix for Instagram comments

+ Lower memory usage on timeline images (WP8 only)

+ Lower memory usage on photo view

The app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.