Meeting Dialer for Windows Phone 7 (US)

Meeting Dialer

My name is Juan Rivera, I work in the valley in a software company like many others. One part of my daily job is doing conference calls. I have conference calls with people all over the world. That means having conference calls outside the office. Many times, I try to schedule conference calls while I’m driving to/from work to make the most of my time. But that means having to dial difference conference call numbers all the time. I could easily dial the conference call number from my calendar but dialing the code to get into the conference call, well, that was a challenge. I often copied the number in a paper and dial in the number. This was ok but sometimes I forgot to copy it to a paper before I started driving. I remember one time driving to work and dropping the paper in the floor of the car. Imagine trying to drive and searching for the paper. There had to be a better way!

I looked at apps I could use to solve my problem. Some were ok but they required me to enter the meeting number and code before hand. This wasn’t really better than the paper. With so many different numbers for conference calls, managing all that is not really any better. To address my pain, and I hope the pain of many others, I wrote Meeting Dialer.

What is unique about Meeting Dialer is that requires no configuration or preparation from you. It automatically scans your appointments and finds the ones that have conference calls in them. It then makes it easy for you to dial into the meeting. This is the app I was looking for! Finally an app that I don’t have to configure and gives me access to all my meeting calls with one click of a button.

I hope you find this app as useful as I do. I use it everyday and I love it!

Find Meeting Dialer in the US Marketplace here.

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