Meet the winner from Microsoft’s Continuum app contest


Microsoft today announced the winner for its Continuum app contest. Vuong Chung, the man behind Perfect Thumbs is the winner of the contest who made a tonne of good apps for Windows 10. However, he won the contest for his Perfect Workout app. As the winner, Chung received a Surface Book, a Lumia 950, an HP Elite x3, an Office 365 Subscription, a Continuum Display Dock, a copy of Visual Studio Pro, and a $1000 Advertising Credit on the Microsoft Store. Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar stated:

We wanted to share with you the winner of the Continuum app contest from last week. It was a super hard decision, but we went with Vuong Chung from Vietnam. His app, Perfect Workout, can be found here. You can check out the finalists’ apps from my blog here. We were really happy to have heavy involvement from our engineering team for coaching and judging as well as sponsorship and support from HP for this event. Vuong took home quite a haul for his work. He received a Lumia 950, a Continuum Display Dock, an Office 365 Subscription, a copy of Visual Studio Pro, an HP Elite XP3 phone, $1,000 Advertising Credit on the Microsoft Store and my fave: A Surface Book.

Voung will hopefully continue to make great apps for Windows 10, and if you want to try out his app, you can get it from the link below.

Perfect Workout
Perfect Workout
Developer: Perfect Thumb
Price: Free