Meet Eventful, A New Journalism-As-A-Service Project From Microsoft Research

Eventful by FUSE Labs

Microsoft Research FUSE labs today revealed a new project called Eventful. Eventful makes it possible for anyone to access the service of event reporting. The reporting process is executed behind the scenes through a crowd of people working online or at the event to produce a news report. Eventful system helps produce news reports by recruiting and guiding remote and locative crowd workers who attend events in person to perform information collection missions. Basically, journalism as a service.

Here is how it works,

Eventful makes requesting a report a one-step process: identify the event type, location, date, and duration. A few hours later and under $150 dollars, a multimedia event report is ready.

  • Eventful hopes to prevent community groups that organize local events on a tight budget from scrambling to cover the event themselves (or risk getting no coverage). A city council could use the system to request reports of discussions that take place during important public meetings. A local blogger could solicit news of community events that they can’t attend themselves.
  • Eventful assigns reporting tasks, called “missions,” to on-demand paid workers, or event attendees who act as field reporters. Field reporters access and submit new photos or interviews, through their mobile phones as they progress on their missions.
  • As reporters submit material in real-time, curators working online give them feedback, approving their work or requesting more information. Curators pass on the content feed to a writer or composer who crafts a news report on the spot.

Find Eventful at Read more about this project here.