Mayhem Brawler’s Wolfpack Update Features She Wolf

February 27, 2022
She Wolf in Mayhem Brawler
She Wolf can keep the offense at maximum by continuously hitting opponents already knocked down.

After some time, Hero Concept finally considered giving us the She Wolf playable character in Mayhem Brawler‘s free Wolfpack Update. This started last Feb 18 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Seriously, how can we not include such a fan favorite on the roster?” Writes Emre Sa??rlar, Hero Concept Community Manager. “Players have constantly requested a playable lycanthrope; ideally, She Wolf herself. Our crew welcomed the idea since we plotted to bring one of the bosses as a playable character anyway.”

According to Sa??rlar, the arrival of Mayhem Brawler’s fourth character also gives the players the option for a four-Player mode. It also offers players new movies to explore and test. With She Wolf, you can apply Bleed and Exposed condition effects to deliver fatal slashes, bites, and kicks against her prey. In addition, you will get your hands on her signature move called Flame Arrow, which is an air special, together with a dashing slide kick. The character’s slide can also keep the offense at maximum by continuously hitting opponents already knocked down.

On the other hand, besides She Wolf joining the gang, the Wolfpack update comes with the new level selection. This feature will allow players to choose the levels they want to play either for practice or simply for fun. In addition, the Arcade mode has some slight changes, as well. It comes with the removal of in-game dialogues and other story-related elements and the addition of a visible timer situated at the bottom left corner of the screen.

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