Maybe something like this will save Windows phone (concept)


The Lumia 950 and 950 XL launched today, but reviews have been lacklustre at most, mainly due to the device not offering any major differentiating features.

Mr Mulderfox on the Verge forums has his own idea of what a Windows Phone is meant to look, and his concept is chock full of interesting ideas.


His idea would feature a flexible screen that would allow a phone-sized handset to unfurl into a full-sized tablet.

He notes this is already of the shelf technology, and that curved screens are already in the market, such as the Galaxy S6. He also proposed that the pen could act as an extra eternal battery, and that “post tension electromagnetic cable” such as in the Surface Book will strengthen the screen when fully deployed.

He writes:

Hybrid smartphone is what the world needs. 😀
Apple won’t do this since they really stick with their minimal and straight forward. “Only best or nothing idea”
This is the phone that will save Microsoft with the same price range nothing can beat a phone that can fit in you blazer but can fully operate as a full size tablet. The best tablet is the one that always with you.(in your pocket)
Microsoft can rules the mid-range with a lower spec version as long as it can turn in to a tablet. 13mpx camera is good enough a scree size is what people want and with that bigger screen a stylus is now really welcome on a smartphone.

See some more renders of the concept device below:

Do our readers think such a device would re-ignite interest in Windows phones? Let us know below.

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