Maybe its time we all take a break from Windows Phone

take a break

There was a minor storm in a teacup this morning when it was revealed that Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President of the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft and long time head of Windows Phone, was using an iPhone on his 9 month sabbatical from Microsoft.

In his explanation he noted that “when developing a release of Windows, we MUST use it all the time,”  and  that  there was “really no choice” but that on his 9 month break there was tons of people doing it every day, which gave him the opportunity to spend “a bunch of time using Google Maps, Spotify, Periscope, a MacBook, a Nexus phone..,” something which was “celebrated and supported” in “today’s Microsoft.

If Microsoft’s VP of Windows development sees benefit from a more open relationship (and we can certainly not blame him for it)  maybe it’s time for the rank and file of Windows Phone users to do the same?

The benefits of trying out a new OS for a few months a numerous.

  1. Sometimes it’s merely inertia and fear of change which keeps users on a platform. Making the jump with the idea of potentially returning can help overcome the fear of change.
  2. Absence can make the heart grow fonder. By trying out new platforms we can reaffirm what we like about Windows Phone and identify if those are enough to keep us on the platform.
  3. First hand experience of a new platform may help drive away misconceptions which have prevented us from trying out other platforms e.g. is Android still as laggy as we think it is?
  4. Trying out a new platform gives you a new opportunity to focus on yourself and your needs, rather on simply what Microsoft has to offer – it’s your time and money after all.
  5. It’s an opportunity for not just you but Windows Phone to grow – possibly when you come back it will be better, and you would not have to experience those growing pains first hand.

If after a few months the siren call of flipping live tiles are still strong your old phone will still be in a drawer, or the Surface phone may be ready to ship.

Do our readers agree that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and that maybe it’s time we too take a vacation from Windows Phone? Let us know below.

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