May 18th date for Dell Venue Pro firmware update comes and goes

The Dell Venue Pro was likely the most anticipated and therefore the most disappointing Windows Phone 7 handset.

The device, which is extremely troubled with WIFI bugs and spontaneous restarts, has been promised repeatedly to receive firmware updates to repair the condition, but so far none has been forthcoming.

While some lucky owners have been given replacement devices, others have gone from disappointed to angry to now extremely despondent.

Missionsparta at the Dell forums wrote:

I give up. You guys win. These things are defective products and will always be. Like an alcoholic, I have gone through my 5 stages. Let down of the phone breaking so early after getting it, shock when another one broke immediately, anger when the next one barely lasted, confusion because I was no longer sure how many had gone back to Dell, and then finally complete insanity now that this one refuses to boot past the Dell Logo.

You’ve got me Dell. You took my money. You have had me make OVER a 100 hours of phone calls trying to get help in getting a working unit. I have missed at least two dozen extremely important calls in the past five months (I have missed hundreds of calls all together) due to constant crashing. I get it. You don’t have to fix anything you don’t want to and apparently only the few chosen ones get working phones. What in the world do you want from me? I gave money, I have spent endless hours one this, I begged you to fix this issue, and then I finally launched a 20 post rant. I have run out of options and ideas.

I am at present reviewing a Dell Venue Pro and have first hand experience of the problems of the handset, with my DVP not able to connect to WIFI at all, even after a factory reset. If I paid for the device and was unable to get it fixed I am sure I would be as frustrated, and I would appeal to Dell to do right by their customers and replace all affected handsets. This is likely the only way to preserve their already tarnished reputation.

Dell Venue Pro owners can add their voice to the demands for a fix at Dell’s forum here.