Massive collection of Windows Phone 7 tips and tricks

Massive collection of Windows phone 7 tips and tricksPocket-lint have amassed a huge collection of Windows Phone 7 tips and tricks to help to help new users settle in to using Windows Phone 7.

Some of the best are:

6. Uninstalling apps

You’ve tried it and you don’t like it. No problem. Head over to the menu list and press down on the app in question until you get the contextual menu. Select uninstall and you’re done.

7. Rating and reviewing apps

You really love the new app you’ve downloaded, so much so that you want to rate and review it so anyone else interested knows whether it’s any good or not. With Windows Phone 7 you don’t have to wait until you delete it to rate it, you can rate and review it at any time. Press and hold down on the app in question until that contextual menu appears and then choose "Rate and review". It will bring up another page allowing you to have your say and give it a rating out of five. Easy peasy.

11. Hold to get secondary menus

While the three dots will get you to the same thing holding down your finger for longer than a second normally brings you the menu too. Try it in photos to see what we mean.

12. Turning off the key press sound

Click, click, click, click. Yep it’s annoying isn’t it? Great thing is you can turn off the noise Windows Phone 7 makes when you tap on your keyboard in the ringtones and sounds area within settings.

13. Setting an email tone

want to know when you’ve received an email? Probably not, but if you do Windows Phone 7 lets you set a dedicated sound so you know when "You’ve got mail". Settings, Ringtones & tones, and choose sound.

18. Enabling Google apps email

If you or your company use a Google Apps account you will have to enable Mobile mail for the system to work. Log in to your Google Apps dashboard, go to Service settings, choose Mobile and make sure "Enable Google Sync" is ticked. Once that’s done it should work like a charm.

22.Turning location off to save battery

Location services are great, but they will eat your battery. If you aren’t fussed about geotagging your photos, finding out where you are on Bing maps, or generally letting your phone know where you are, nip into the Location option in Settings and slide that toggle to the left. No more Big Brother for you.

28. Turning on the "Find my Phone" function

Windows Phone 7 comes with some really natty features, one of them being the "Find my Phone" feature that lets you find your phone again if you’ve lost it or had it stolen. Trouble is, it’s not on as default so you’ve got to do that yourself if you want to take advantage of the feature. In the Settings, Find my phone page you can opt to have the phone save your location periodically for better mapping and to get results faster.

35. Turning off mobile browsing

There are plenty of sites on the Internet that have a mobile version of their website so you can browse quicker when you are out and about on a slow connection. Trouble is sometimes you don’t want the mobile site you want the desktop site. Go to Settings, Applications, Internet Explorer and you can change how you want your Windows Phone 7 browser to act when it goes to a webpage.

51. cc and bcc people in emails

Go into an email, press on the three dots and then select "Show cc & bcc", you can now email your mates without your other mates seeing

52. Forwarding an email

It sounds silly right, but it caught us out first time so we suspect it will catch you out too. Forwarding an email is actually found in the icon with a small envelope and an arrow that looks like you are replying at the bottom of the screen when you are reading the email you want to forward.

59. Disable caller ID

Windows Phone 7 allows you to show your number to everyone as default, but if you don’t like the sound of that you can turn that feature off to anyone not in your contacts, or to everyone regardless. Go into Settings, swipe to Applications, choose Phone and then set the "Show myCaller ID to" to the setting you want; Everyone, no one, and my contacts.

65. Shuffle tracks on an album

This one is hidden within the player. Tap on the album cover and it reveals two controls, a repeat and a shuffle icon. It’s like you’ve found a special secret.

67. Check downloads and their progress

You’re impatient we know, but at least you can check the state of your download and how its progressing. Once you’ve clicked to install the new app on your phone you can then see how its doing by clicking on the "check install" button. Watch that progress bar move, baby!

68. Importing contacts from your old phone

Put in your old SIM card, Go to People, tap and hold near the top of the screen and then select "import SIM contacts"

71. Silence the ringer when you’ve forgotten to in a meeting

If your phone starts ringing in a meeting and that’s a bad thing just press the power button. It silences the ringer dead.

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