Massive 10 page HTC Touch Diamond 2 review


GSMArena is a well respected reference site for most of today’s phones, and their review of the HTC Touch Diamond 2 shows why.

The detailed review covers esoterica like the frequency response of the audio chip but they know Windows Mobile well enough also to talk about Advanced Configuration software.

They have given the HTC Touch Diamond 2 a very good going over, and seem to come away quite impressed.  They especially liked the high resolution screen, sound quality and much improved camera, and found the new version of TouchFlo3D a welcome improvement.

Their conclusion was:

With each new phone released running the TouchFLO, HTC manage to sweep some more of Windows Mobile under the rug and replace it with their silky smooth interface. Touch-optimization is at a level where you can almost forget about the stylus.

We guess quite some of the Diamond2 worth is in the more recent and upgraded TouchFLO 3D. Of course it will most likely be retrofitted on the original Diamond by third-party developers, so we’re talking competitive edge here, not upgrader’s value. Anyway, it’s just not Diamond vs. Diamond time yet.

The way we see it, the Diamond2 is comfortably poised between Diamond and Touch HD, and this blending of bloodlines is its real edge.

We were very impressed with the HTC Touch HD but its size was a bit of a limiting factor. The Diamond2 packs most of the hardware of the HD into a smaller, more manageable package (using the HD with one hand can be troublesome). That coveted 3.5 mm audio jack alas didn’t cross over to the Diamond2.

As to the first Diamond, we believe it’s got an upgrade it can be proud of. Other than the lack of a D-pad and the faceted rear, the Number 2 is superior in both hardware and software. Of course we can see the point of those who will miss the original Diamond’s D-pad. But we guess the interface, processing power, imaging and storage capacity you get in return are a fair deal. Even the more mainstream styling of the Diamond2 is not a downside. Feels like HTC took something home from working on the XPERIA.

Read their full review here.