As the Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s release date of May 14th steadily approaches, we’ve got a new trailer to marvel at, with a direct comparison of the remaster’s technical feats. 

The trailer shows off plenty of scenes from the base games alongside their remastered counterpart, showing the vast improvements that have been made across the series. 

As the trailer goes on, a lot of the scenes obviously looks better as you might expect, though there are a few textures that look like they’ve been hit with a sharpening brush one too many times.

With BioWare having used AI upscaling to help create the Legendary Edition remaster, it’s undeniably impressive what has been achieved. The trailer keenly points out some of the accomplishments such as “improved skin rendering”, “In world beautification passes” and “all textures enhanced or remade”.

Just over a month away, if all these improvements have enticed you, you can preorder the Mass Effect Legendary Edition here.