Mass Effect: Andromeda is out now

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out today, and it’s the very first Mass Effect game in just over half a decade- as well as the very first in the Andromeda system, and Commander Shepherd is nowhere to be seen. You end up stepping into (and creating) the shoes of Ryder, a military recruit that’s part of the Andromeda Initiative — an attempt for mankind to populate new worlds in another galaxy.


If you’re an EA Access member, there’s a chance you might have already gotten to play the game – subscribers got to play a limited trial of the game last week, and it lets you go through a whopping 10 hours of gameplay. The thing is, though: the Xbox One version of the game has some pretty significant frame rate issues. It’ll often dip down to the mid-2os, which is pretty bad- especially when the game usually runs at 30FPS. It’s possible that BioWare could fix these issues with a simple patch, and we hope one will arrive soon after launch – if not on day one.

Performance issues aside, Andromeda does seem like an interesting game with a plenty of potential. Despite some incredibly wonky animations, the game’s combat does look like it’s a lot of fun, and starting fresh in a new galaxy opens up lots of story potential.

You can purchase Mass Effect: Andromeda for the Xbox One by following the links below.

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