Marvel’s Avengers’ paid XP boosters are being removed 


3, 2021

Squire Enix and Crystal Dynamics have announced that the paid XP boosters recently introduced to Marvel’s Avengers are being removed from the game after furious backlash.

“We apologise for not responding sooner to your concerns about the addition of paid consumables in the Marketplace,” Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix said in a statement on Twitter.

Despite Marvel’s Avengers‘ paid Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors clearly providing significant in-game bonuses, apparently Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix “did not see them as pay-to-win since they don’t offer power directly.”

Thankfully it seems that they’ve now come to their senses, as in the statement they said that “after considering your feedback, we have decided that by the end of today, we will remove Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors for purchase.” 

After backtracking on a prior promise that Marvel’s Avengers “won’t have random loot boxes or random pay-to-win scenarios,” Crystal Dynamics know they’re not in everyone’s good books right now, writing that “we hope that this can be the first step in rebuilding your confidence in us as a team,” in the statement.

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