Square Enix’s upcoming Marvel’s Avengers will have a host of additional exclusive content for a host of collaborative brands including mobile networks and chewing gum. 

This news comes following the announcement that Marvel’s Avengers would be splitting content from the game to add a massive amount of content exclusively on PlayStation, including the exclusive addition of the world’s most beloved superhero character: Spider-Man.

Originally reported by YouTuber JayShockblast, Marvel’s Avengers is getting it’s content split through multiple different brand partners including Verizon, Virgin Media, Intel and  5 Gum. Chew on that.

Customers at Verizon Up and Virgin Media mobile will be able to get exclusive access to a set of skins when the game releases next month. There will also be another set of costumes for Intel customers. If you’re a gum fan, 5 Gum customers in the US will get access to exclusive emotes.

Marvel’s Avengers releases this September with next-gen versions on the way for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.