Capcom’s unfortunate Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite may come back in a big way according to an online leaker.

Infinite may have been the most disappointing fighting game to launch last year. With bad visuals, a poor character roster that didn’t even feature the series-staple X-Men and shoddy character designs, it was easily a disappointment following the fantastic Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

MCV: Infinite may be redeemed, however, if recent leaks are to be believed. According to credible FGC leaker DasVergeben, the fighting game will soon be going through a rebranding effort, dubbing it Marvel vs Capcom 4.

it would appear the X-Men are still not set to return

DasVergeben has said that Capcom and Disney will be learning from the mistakes of the past. Unlike with Infinite’s original version, they will not be showing anything until closer to release. Much of the game’s bad publicity came from some of its unfinished models which looked remarkably rough, although many still do.

New characters will supposedly be added. Star-Lord, Ms. Marvel, Asura, Gill, Lady and Rashid/Vergil are apparently the “most locked in”. Even with the recent purchase of Fox by Disney, it would appear the X-Men are still not set to return.

With Infinite’s poor release and replacement at EVO 2018 Capcom does need to bring the series back to form. It’s a fighting game staple and one that should be given the attention it deserves, especially with Marvel’s skyrocketing popularity this past decade.

As with all rumors, this one could always turn out to be fake, but it’s nice to think that Capcom is taking Infinite’s failures into account. Although they should definitely give us the X-Men.

Source: VG24/7