Marketplace Developers complaining about Apps being given away as trials for free

SPAM CLEANSER SPAM TRIALWe have been tipped off to a new issue with Marketplace, with paid for apps with no trial being available to download as trials, obviously with no expiration mechanism and therefore being effectively given away for free.

This MSDN thread contains at least 4 developers complaining of the issue, and it is likely many more are affected.  The issue is not apparent in all markets, so some developers may not be aware that they are affected.

The best sign would be to see trial downloads being recorded in the Dev Centre Report for apps which do not have trials.  From the reports the issue is at least a few months old.

Hopefully we can drawn attention to the issue so developers can check to see if they are affected, and prod Microsoft into fixing the issue, which is costing developers real money.

See a tread by affected developers after the break.

Trials turned off and still available

Saturday, September 22, 2012 4:38 AM

Esko Laaksonen


I published a non-free app, which had trials disabled. Still I was able to download the "trial", which was the full version of the app. I unpublished the app immediately.

Is this the way it is supposed to work? I don’t want trials, I rather make another application submission and exclude all features from the code I don’t want to support in the trial.

Saturday, September 22, 2012 5:32 AM


My investigation has shown that not all markets show the trial so many publishers won’t know this is happening, not unles their market has this fault.

This is an on-going problem.  Reports of this go back to the last (the one before the most recent) market place update.  About the only things you can be sure an update will bring, are even more chaos, even more things that don’t work, and even more fun watching our stuff get shifted around as if it’s all for free.

1 hour 8 minutes ago


And now that a week has passed, I can see all the apps are free for all.  No telling how much has been given away the last week since there’s no record.  Once again, let down BIG TIME!  Come on, this is a crime.

Thanks Private for the tip.