Marketplace bounds to 19,000 apps in 5 days on influx of spam apps


Windows Phone 7 hit 18,000 apps on the 23rd, and now, less than 5 days later, more than 1,200 apps have been added, bringing the current total to 19,283 at the time of writing.

The apps pouring in are not exactly the most differentiated, with Smarter Agent for example seemingly having an app for every neighbourhood in USA.

If there is a silver lining however it is that these are the same apps which have pushed the iPhone app store to over 500,000, and clearly Windows Phone 7 is showing enough momentum to attract the attention of these developers.

If this influx continues we should hit 20,000 apps in a matter of days, which is a nice round number for journalist, some who still think there is only 3000 apps on Marketplace.

Thanks Mark for the tip.