Mario Kart Tour landscape update will allow you to turn your phone



Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour will be receiving a key feature in the near future: the ability to turn your phone! 

As of now, the mobile Mario Kart experience is a portrait-only activity, forcing players to keep their phone upright if they want to tear up Mushroom Kingdom with their sweet v ride.

This is all set to change! With the upcoming Mario Kart Tour update, your world is set to be turned by 90 degrees, allowing you to race in landscape mode with a fully expanded field of view. The way it was meant to be!

The upcoming game update will also give players access to a new control scheme for those who play the game horizontally. They’re actually listening!

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While Nintendo are still offering support for their mobile games with substantial updates, the company is seemingly giving up on creating new games for mobile platforms following disappointing revenue from the multiple mobile games they’ve already published.

Despite this, Nintendo is set to go bigger on its console development with a Nintendo Switch successor on the way while the company extends the lifecycle of their current console to maximise profits.

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