Marathon 2.3 adds Bing Maps support, on sale for $0.99



Continuing on the health theme, are you one of those people who needs a little motivation to head out for a run? Then Marathon might be just the app you need to stay healthy. It’s one of those GPS based applications for runners which records your movement and thereby let you keep track of your performance. Marathon records various statistics, such as time, distance, speed, calories consumed and altitude change. You can also view a chart of your speed and altitude change, as well as see your route plotted on a map.

The app contains a neat announcement feature so you’ll know your performance during the workout and be able to adjust your pace to reach your goals. As an extra motivation boost you can compete against your previous results or a generic result based on time and distance.

There’s also a feature which lets you share your results on, as well as posting a message on Twitter and Facebook.

Key features:

* Records speed, distance, calories consumed, climb/decline, etc.
* Shows charts of speed and altitude change
* Draws your route on a map
* Share your results online, on your blog, Twitter or Facebook
* Voice announcements with intervals based on either time or distance
* Pause/resume recordings
* Ability to cut off your results at the start or end

The application is available at the Marketplace with a 45 day trial. For the time being, the price is dropped to $0.99.

Get Marathon for Windows Phone 7

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