Many Xbox One owners are experiencing Ready to Install outages for the past week

Update: As of Saturday night, September 16, it appears that the problem has been fixed. Hopefully this is the last we’ve heard of it.

Over the past few days, many Xbox One owners have been plagued with a rather serious issue which prevents them from seeing Ready to Install games. This isn’t limited to Alpha or Beta Insiders, but it’s affecting non-Xbox Insiders too. For example, our Xbox One at home isn’t enrolled on the Xbox Preview Program and never has been. For the past 3 days we haven’t been able to see any Ready to Install games. It just says “Could not connect” and tells us to try again later. This is quite a problem because a lot of the games we receive are pre-release and aren’t even listed on the Xbox Store. So, how exactly are we supposed to download a game that doesn’t show up on the Xbox Store, uses the name “Default Title”, or doesn’t automatically download to your Xbox One? Well, the previous way was to use Ready to Install but since we can’t do that anymore I’m not sure how any of this is going to get done.

Microsoft needs to address this issue because it’s a nuisance for Xbox One owners, but it’s even a bigger nuisance for websites which focus on Xbox One reviews and have to download games early to their console. The fact that the company says that all of their services are “Up and Running” on their Xbox Live Status page is bizarre. When will we get a resolution to this problem? Microsoft needs to issue a statement right now or provide further clarification.