Mango Spread for HD2 Users Monday!


Mango on HD2 Image Courtesy of DFT 

Wow, mango is a delicious OS (so far) for developers and the media alike that have updated their devices or were given test devices. But the mango sexy doesn’t end with current windows phones 7 because it seems the HTC HD2 super phone has also received Mango from DFT. But there are some warnings and considerations: windows live functions aren’t working and you have to use MS Hotmail Connector to sync with Outlook. A huge bummer is multitouch isn’t working properly, but that’s a hardware limitation. For the users of the T-Mobile US HTC HD2, Mango works, but 512 MB of NAND is used versus the supported 1024. Bold enough to grab Mango for the HD2 to extend its shelf life? Mark Monday on your calendar to get a sweet taste of Mango on a device that may never die.

Dark Forces Team