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14, 2013

Microinvest presents the first updated of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone – version 3.07.002.

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The newest and unique application for Windows Phone is developed especially for the retail business in order to automate all processes connected with the distribution of goods.  Using Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone just with one click the user can make operations like sales, orders, refunds, payments. The application combines the rich functionality of big inventory system with the simplicity of Windows® Phone. It is FREE of charge and can be downloaded on every device with Windows Phone operating system.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone can be used by operators in different warehouses, manufacturing companies, shops, restaurants. It guarantees fast deliveries and high quality service to every customer. With Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone every operator can make sales, safe payments, issuing invoices or stock receipts. The application allows the user to track and plan the items on stock, to receive information for his clients and suppliers.

The design is very simple, clear and follows the simplicity of Windows Phone interface, allowing each user just with few clicks to make a sale, print document and exchange the information with the headquarter.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone can be installed on every smartphone with Windows Phone. It is a FREE application and you can download it from here:

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