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pinned bookmarks and pinned category pinned bookmarks and pinned category pinned bookmarks and pinned category

MyBookmarks offers a rich feature set:take screenshot of website to bookmark

  • assign icons and images for the “category” hub
  • take live thumbnails of internet pages
  • pin bookmarks to the start menu
  • pin whole categories to the start menu
  • share bookmarks through social networks
  • share bookmarks through email
  • share bookmarks even from desktop browsers
  • search for title, URL and keywords

The best thing about MyBookmarks is the possibillity of creating live screenshots from a website – no need to assign a generic icon, the thumbnail of the website will show the real content:

After tapping on “get screenshot” the MyBookmark MiniBrowser will open.  Yes it’s a real browser, so you can scroll, zoom and even navigate through the hyperlinks of the website till you’ve reached the perfect position (and size) for the live-screenshot of the website.

Get MyBookmarks for WP8

You can share one or more of your bookmarks via social networks (will be posted as an ordinary link in facebook, for example) or directly with any other MyBookmark user through eMail.  There exists even a free AddOn for Desktop Browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox and Google Chrome) to forward an URL from your Desktop Browser to MyBookmarks.

The trial version is fully functional without any limitations but displays ads.   If you’re tired of those ads and like MyBookmarks for WP8, please consider bying the full version to get ride of those ads for just $ 1.29

Download MyBookmarks from Windows Phone Store

Download Free Desktop Browser AddOn

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