Making the best of the 4th of July with your Lumia Camera


3, 2015


Tomorrow is the fourth of July and many of our American readers are going to embrace their patriotic side with fireworks and lots of partying in celebration of Independence day
Here are a few tips on how to capture the best moments.

1) Go without a flash: Capturing the fireworks with fashion would be pointless as the flash would only light up things in the foreground and take the focus away from the subject of the image – the fireworks.

2) Slow and steady wins the race : Capturing images of moving objects is hard work, and the slightest hand shake could mess up your groove. While the flagship Lumia devices have OIS, some devices like the capable 640 XL and 735 do not, making it slightly trickier to get steady photos although the faster capture times of Lumia Camera 5 certainly helps. Leaning on an object to steady yourself as well as holding your device with both hands (say no to vertical photography) also help as well.

3) Aim for a higher exposure time: An exposure time of 0 – 4 seconds is recommended by Nokia, of course you should take test shots to see the effect of your chosen configuration.

4) Use Rich Capture sparingly: Rich Capture is slower than normal capture and the saving process could ensure that you miss a moment you would have loved to capture.

5) Keep a low ISO: High ISO’s result in a lot of grain and could lead to a messy photo. An ISO value of 64-100 is recommended to capture the best photos.

6) Know your hardware: Not all Windows Phones are created equally. A Lumia 530, 640 XL and 930/Icon will have different limits and capabilities. To get the best image you should always estimate how well your camera can capture a certain shot and if you would need to use a little more effort.

7) Don’t be afraid to use alternative camera apps: The Windows Phone store is stocked with a variety of photography apps. If Lumia Camera or Microsoft Camera isn’t your speed, perhaps Camera360 sight, Fhotolens or ProShot may be more to your taste.

Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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