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NFC Toolkit for Windows Phone 8 is not another NFC tag writer/reader app. It is able to that, but that’s not all.

NFC Toolkit provides you also profiles. What are profiles you ask?

Basically, profiles open settings pages in a row to make it easy for you to set up your device. Example: You leave your house, need to deactivate Wi-Fi, activate 3G for music streaming and also Bluetooth for connecting to your car radio when you go to work. That’s one of our profiles. On top of that, you can also add one of the integrated extras or apps that support launching by other apps to a profile since the last update.

Here is a short overview what features are integrated:

  • basic reading and writing functions for NFC tags
  • profiles (launch multiple settings pages in a row)
  • extras: basic tag analyzing, shopping list, to do list, appointment checker, Mix Play & Share and a simple car dashboard

QRCodeA lot of functions provide also a ‘pin to start’ feature, which is good for the case that you don’t have NFC tags.

NFC Toolkit has a 10-day trial without limits and is currently on xmas sale for 0,99 until the 26th of December!

Download NFC Toolkit by clicking this link or scanning the QR-code.

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