Major Russian mobile phone chain expect to sell Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets before year’s end

While we all know Nokia is aiming to release their first Windows Phone 7 handset before the end of the year, according to Nokia may be a lot more confident with suppliers and distributors behind closed doors.

Apparently Steven Elop has been telling Russia’s second largest  mobile phone retailer “Sviaznoj” that they expect to have Windows Phone 7 handsets powered by Nokia before the end of the year, with its boss saying:

“We are the key Nokia partner in Russia. Thanks’ to the cooperation agreements on the “shop-in-shop”  format, all the newest models show up at Sviaznoj earlier then in competing outlets…. We expect that the first Windows Mobile based Nokia smartphone will show up in our stores before the end of 2011”

Stephen Elop was in Russia arranging deals to increase the retail exposure of their handsets in there, one of their strongest regions.

To have Windows Phone 7 handsets on sale in Russia by year’s end would also require that Microsoft complete Mango well before this, as Windows Phone 7 at present does not support Cyrillic.