MahTweets for Windows Phone 7–first twitter client with push notifications

The guys over at Mahtweets have been very busy, working on the first twitter client for Windows Phone 7 which will feature push notifications for Direct Messages and Mentions.

The client also supports:

  • Twitter (no lists, but ‘standard’ feature set otherwise), Yammer, Tumblr (read only)
  • Twitpic uploading
  • Geotagging
  • MahTweets desktop style column/filtering for update types (contact/ignore filtering will come in the next update)
  • Multiple account support for all the above services
  • Theme aware – looks great in both light/dark, and the various accents!

The client will be free, but push notifications, which would use MahTweet’s own server, may be a premium feature.

Twitter has promised that this feature will eventually come to their own Windows Phone 7 client directly, but even then Mahtweets promises to be faster and more functional, guaranteeing that there will still be  a place for a 3rd party twitter client.

The group have already submitted their app twice to Marketplace, but unfortunately have been rejected due to various issues, but hopefully the app will show up soon. Read more about the client here.

Mahtweets for the desktop is of course already available, and also offers a great Metro-like look, and can be downloaded here.