From the various leaks we have heard a lot of the new iPhone 12 having Magsafe charger. So far no detailed information about this feature has been revealed, but today Japanese company MPOW announced a new magnetically attached wireless charger for the “new iPhone”.

MPOWs press release noted that they have announced “a wireless charger that supports the charging position adjustment function using the magnet installed in the new iPhone”

Their product has a ring-shaped magnet mechanism that has been specially processed and processed around the coil, which is a part that supplies power to the terminal mounted inside the wireless charger body. A similar mechanism is arranged in the new iPhone, and by charging with a wireless charging product equipped with this mechanism, the new iPhone and the wireless charger are firmly attached by the power of the magnet.

The magnetic attachment has the advantage of prevention of charging interruptions due to displacement of the charging position during charging and easy operation of smartphones while wirelessly charging.

MPOW notes the new charger provides a new stress-free wireless charging experience that combines the convenience of wireless charging with the stability of charging as if it were firmly connected by wire.

MPOW’s charger is USB-C powered and will allow users to use their iPhone even while wirelessly charging. Interestingly they warn that the charger may not work with other phones, which would be a worrying departure from the universal Qi charging standard.

Apple is rumoured to be releasing their own Magsafe and Magsafe Duo wireless chargers, and we should know if these rumours are true within the next few hours as Apple finally announces their new iPhone 12 range later today.

via MacRumors