MagicPhotos – selective effects for your photo

Do you want to make your photos look like an artwork? MagicPhotos lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by applying different effects while keeping your chosen details untouched. This draws the viewer’s attention to the individual image details, creating striking images. With its intuitive and responsive user interface, MagicPhotos is super easy and fun to use. You simply use your finger as a brush to apply effects to certain regions of your image or bring back original image.

MagicPhotos features:

  • Multiple effects (Decolorize, Sketch, Cartoon, Recolor, etc);
  • Retouch mode that lets you remove small flaws and unwanted content (watermarks, people, text, power lines as well as other unwanted objects) from your photos, as well as apply controlled blur to selected details of photo you would like to hide (license plates, human faces and so on);
  • Very easy to use and provides full control of editing process;
  • Photos Hub integration;
  • Free trial.

Download link