Madfinger Games tease Dead Trigger 2 for Windows Phone (video)


Two weeks ago Madfinger Games posted a rather enigmatic teaser on twitter indicating (we supposed) that their hit game Dead Trigger 2 was coming to Windows Phone, saying:

Look out of your window. Do you see them? Zombies are coming and they are really, really close to you . 😉

Now the company has chosen to be somewhat more direct in their follow-up teaser, posting the video below:

Dead Trigger 2 - Windows Phone teaser

In the award-winning game you are in a world overrun by zombies, and you have to find a safe place to hide-out, get equipped, and fight for your life in a real time bid for survival against an onslaught of bloodthirsty undead.

See the trailer for the game below.

Official DEAD TRIGGER 2 Launch Trailer