Lynkee barcode scanner comes to Windows Phone 7


20, 2011

Lynkee, a cross-platform barcode scanner and comparison shopping app, is now available on Windows Phone 7.

Lynkee 2.0 offers an optional and dedicated internal browser, Facebook login, search engine, keytags, history, and price and satisfaction comparator (mainly on non-food products).

You can scan a QR code, Datamatrix and consumer product barcodes (EAN/UPC) and for a multitude of 2D code type: URL, Geo-location, Product, VCard, Mecard, SMS, Phone Number, Authentication, Text, Mail, Bookmarks and much more. You can even generate your own QR Url codes on for free.

Lynkee can be found in Marketplace here or by searching Marketplace for Lynkee.

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