Lux Flashlight app for Windows Phone 8


27, 2013

Lux Lux Lux

Lux by Brainstorm is a simple flashlight app that also enables users to transmit signals using Morse code.The app has 3 modes.Read more about the modes below:


  1. Simple Light ON\OFF mode:- In this mode the LED flash works as an ordinary light. The LED turns ON as soon as we press on the screen button accompanied with a typical sound. You can also control the light by pressing the Camera button on your phone.
  2. Flash Mode:- In flash mode the LED flashes
  3. SOS Mode:- In this mode the LED flashes in such a way that it produces anĀ SOS signal
  4. Text to Morse Mode:- This is mode enables users to turn any text message into Morse code and transmit them via flashlight. You can enter the text which is meant to be for transmission

The app is available at Windows Phone Store for a free download.

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