Lunagames boast of 5 million downloads on Windows Phone, credits “exceptional growth”

image reports that Amsterdam-based developers Lunagames has announced 5 million downloads on the Windows Phone platform, up 2 million 3 months ago.

“At Gamescom we announced that we had surpassed the two million download mark and now three months later we have exceeded five million downloads,” said CEO Richard Hazenberg

In fact they expect to pass 10 million downloads before the end of the year.

“We believe that the vision of one Windows Store across multiple devices will offer developers an even greater opportunity to reach consumers moving forward,” he added, claiming Lunagames “will be expanding our development capacity to deliver our daily feel good moments to all Windows devices.”

The company has been racking up the downloads only since May this year, and claims they have seen “exceptional growth” on the platform during the last six months.

“Game Publishers like Lunagames entertain millions of Windows Phone users with their apps,” noted Todd Brix, general manager of Windows Apps and Store.

“Lunagames is among the many publishers and developers who are increasingly taking advantage of Windows Store to target a growing range of Windows powered phones, tablets and PC with lucrative monetisation capabilities.”

To share their success Lunagames have launched a publishing program to help developers maximise the opportunity on Windows.

Interestingly their success seems based on creating simple games which are similar to titles missing from the Windows Phone Store, meaning potential buyers  searching for Zombie Exterminator would then download Exterminator: Zombie.

In many ways this is just gaming the system, but of course on the other hand Lunagames success represents a missed opportunity for developers who are ignoring the platform.

Lunagames’s large collection of Windows Phone games can be seen in the store here.