Lumia Denim now available for the AT&T Lumia 830 via the Windows Phone Recovery Tool! Grab it while its hot!


It has been believed that Lumia Denim (and the much improved Lumia Camera 5) would never be coming to the Lumia 830 on AT&T, despite this software being available elsewhere.

This was only reinforced when AT&T told the Better Business Bureau in July they had no plans to release the software for the handset.

It seems hell may have just gotten a bit chillier however, as members of the WC forums report that the software is now available on Microsoft’s servers via the Windows Phone Recovery Tool.

They also confirm the speedy new camera and other updated software.

Of note is that installing the software this way does hard reset your handset, meaning things like games progress and unbacked up data is lost. Having a proper over the air update rolled out would still be the better option, but we do not know of AT&T will ever be rolling this out.

Having said that – if you have been waiting more than a year for this update already I dont think most would mind starting their games over again.

Will our Lumia 830 using readers on AT&T be grabbing this download? Let us know below.

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